About Me

My name is Iva Tanacković and I'm a web designer based in Beograd, Serbia.

The road I've taken is a bit unorthodox. I started playing with FrontPage and Dreamweaver on a particularly boring highschool summer vacation in 2000 and I have learnt to code by hand writing in .rtf files on a Windows 3.1-powered computer, previewing it only when it gets online or on a non-prehistoric computer. Oh, I was using 5'25" disks for that, too.

I started doing web design professionally in early 2005 and my first big job was for the Serbian division of Lush, from November 2006 to May 2009. During this period of time, I was doing things that are normally done by a whole team of people - copywriting, editorial design, web design, community management, Internet marketing - and it has served as a good foundation.

Currently, I'm freelancing and permalancing for multiple clients. If you want to know more about the non-business side of me, do check out my personal blog. Be warned, I write a lot of poetry.


  • Native speaker of Serbian (& similar). Fluent in English and Italian, good with Russian, basic knowledge of German.
  • Web designing since the summer of 2000.
  • Has been working with WordPress even before WordPress, with B2 Cafelog.
  • Minimalist OR maximalist. If needed, a bit of both.
  • Mad for art, poet & writer. A horrible singer, but one with a well-trained ear appreciating a lot of music.
  • Experienced with community & social media management, though unaware of how that happened.
  • A beast in the kitchen - my risotto alla milanese and my cheesecake are local legends.

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